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Don’t Lie to Yourself. This is Evil.

Book Review of People of the Lie by M. Scott Peck

Quote from People of the Lie

Because this book was written many years ago, some of the ideas are challenging to read. I focused my review on concepts that are timeless and apply to many things we are seeing today. They apply to individuals and groups.

People of the lie “usually appear quite ordinary to the superficial observer”…and the evil they perpetuate rarely manifests itself in obvious ways…“it is seemingly ordinary, superficially normal, and even apparently rational. Those who are evil are masters of disguise.”

The full review is posted on Medium. You can read it via this Friend link.

Of course, I hope that after you read the review, you’ll realize how important it is to read the entire book.

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The Voice of God: Finally, a Way to End the “Crazy” Accusations

The Voice of God: Finally, a Way to End the “Crazy” Accusations

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Synchronicity, Documented

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Mystical Events are a Reality for Many People, Even Atheists

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Abuse and Hatred – An Unusual Path to a Deeper Understanding

Lundy Bancroft’s book, Why Does He Do That? Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men clearly explains abusive behavior and in the process of understanding how I dealt with it, I developed some important perspectives about hate. It seemed to call out to me from across the room. As I walked across the library lobby,… Continue Reading


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