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“Zlogging” What Matters

Zlogging: Not churning out ditto info © Ceejae DevineMy site is not intended to be a place where you’ll breeze through in a minute or two. I tried to come up with another word that would express “slow” blogging, but the first ones I thought of were awful: slog, clog, flog. So I went through the alphabet: alog, dlog, elog, glog (I kind of like that one), hlog, ilog, jlog, klog (sounds too much like breakfast cereal), llog (why bother?), mlog, nlog (these are like dlog, they just don’t roll off the tongue correctly), olog, plog, qlog, rlog, tlog, ulog, vlog, wlog, xlog, ylog, zlog.

Zlog works pretty well. It still has the “s-ness” nestled in there, but it’s a little more fun.

So I hope you will  “zlow” down here and start to think about what kind of information is filling your days. To consider changing your mind from just tossing someone else’s “OMG! It’s so adorable!” posts down the road to starting to think about the content’s value.

What made me think of this is that I am new to blogging and Facebook and it’s nature is to move faster than the speed of life. The web is moving at the speed of however many lives we’re connected to. Other people’s cares blow by us in a fraction of a second as we try to determine what happens to catch our attention that moment. It’s a really different experience for those of us who have spent most of our lives reading books.

In books, there are usually some really valuable insights and I would often stop and spend a few moments relating them to my life. Sometimes I hoped the author would write another book, but most of the time I didn’t give it much thought. But there was something else very different about that time.

I never expected to talk to an author. I didn’t expect them to post information for me to read about their lives on a daily basis. I didn’t have time to care what they did on weekends, nor could I have imagined I ever would. And I would never have expected any human being to be able to generate unique information multiple times a day, day after day.

But today, it’s now an expectation that writers will churn out information on blogs and Twitter to keep an audience coming back. So some people churn information you can find in other places over and over again or they may just write about a subject with just a slightly new slant so they have something new to post.

I’m not going to do that here and I am going to limit how much I do it on Facebook and Twitter. I think we need to reign in the frenzy. So I am just going to write about what’s important to me, when I can, and pursue getting my book published, because those of us who write also have to eat. And I have to decide what I should be posting and what might be worthwhile for a second book.

We live in a world where a lot of information has become free, but probably someone, somewhere in the beginning (the people with the new, really good ideas) found a means of gaining support for their efforts.

So I hope you will be patient as I toss this plate in the air, as a single mom with a full-time job. I hope you’ll stick around and Like me on Facebook if you want notifications when I post, knowing that I won’t be overloading your pages, and most of the time I will generate graphics to catch your attention. I hope you will at least take a little time to think about how the subjects I choose to post relate to your life, to other women’s lives, and to our world today.


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