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Comedy or Tragedy? Anne Hathaway Stars as “The Drunken Floozy”

Comedy or Tragedy: Anne Hathaway Stars as “The Drunken Floozy”Did any of you see Anne Hathaway pandering to Zach Galifianakis on Funny or Die’s “Between Two Ferns?”

Look, everyone! Anne can get drunk and throw herself at whatever man happens to be available…oh, I mean, her friends.

Anne assures us that, “Zach is ‘funny!’” Not just once, but twice.

“I like yoooo,” she says, using giddy vocal inflections and adding a little giggle.

I’ve been thinking about comedy. Good comedy and bad comedy and what makes comedy worth watching.

50% or more of this content contained potty jokes. And disgusting ones at that. And then there was Anne.

Anne denies being drunk with the inane comment, “You can’t prove it.” Then she claims it’s her perfume. But the dialogue that ensues just seems to be bottom-of-the-barrel filler that will lead her into an opportunity to show us a little more of her singing prowess as she tries to jazz things up with something artsy, “It sucks to be you, right now, ooh, ooh. What goes around comes back around, hey baby.”

Are we supposed to be impressed by her performance? Did someone tell her, “Oh, shit, you really screwed up your image up with that musical, you better do something to make sure people realize that’s not who you really are.”

Of course, she tries to act indignant when she’s hauled off the stage. But everyone “knows” it’s all pretend. She doesn’t carry it off. But, I’ve never seen anyone “act” drunk in a believable manner so I’m not quite sure why she thought she could.

The question for me is, why did she choose to portray herself this way? Falling all over a guy. Sloppy drunk. For that matter, why did any of the other women agree to participate in this kind of comedy about their appearances, their bodies and bodily functions? I haven’t seen much of what Galifianakis does, but I won’t bother if he continues to do this kind of shit.

Do you think this was a good move for Anne or any of the other women who were subjected to Zach’s questions? Why do people still think this kind of comedy is funny?

You know, actually, the funniest part was the one moving around in Galifianakis’ hair. Anyone else notice? (approx. 3:30)


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