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Synchronicity, Documented

Synchronicity, Documented: Advances in Technology are Confirming this Miraculous Phenomenon

“It’s a miracle,” someone cries.

But if people don’t see it themselves, they often question the nature of the event and decide that it was probably just a coincidence.

“You won’t believe what happened,” someone else says.

“Yeah,” people think. “Quite the stroke of luck.”

Most people have learned to dismiss unexplainable events, thinking they’re just good fortune, happenstance, or chance. Without proof, I guess most people don’t think it’s important to take the time to investigate them. In 1998, I began to seek understanding of events that defied explanation because they had started to happen in my life. I learned to pay close attention as they continued, but I never dreamed I’d ever have documentation.

After the first event happened, a friend gave me a copy of a book that was similar to The Treasury of Miracles for Women by Karen Kingsbury. Prior to 1998, whenever I heard these kinds of stories, I remember thinking they were probably just luck or chance, so even though I was astounded by what had happened to me, over time I started to feel like no one would ever really care about it.

After a second event happened in 2002, I remembered the book and thought, “I wonder if any of those people ever experienced anything else. Unfortunately, I’ll never know.”

As time moved forward, events continued to occur that were amazing gifts, but I was dealing with the challenges of being a single parent with two small children, extricating myself from a failed marriage, then, a few years later, losing a home, and during that time my writing was focused on women’s issues.

In 2012 a third event convinced me to switch gears and write a memoir, but I began to see that other people had bigger, better stories with theories and concepts that applied to everyone, and mine seemed to just apply to me. So as I worked on my story, I still wasn’t sure if anyone would ever care about it.

In 2014, an unexpected trip to the library enabled me to figure out that a number of the theories and concepts referred to above really didn’t apply to everyone, so I switched gears again and published a book about what I discovered called Critical Revelations in the Realm of Contemporary Spirituality. But in April of that year, something else happened that I never thought could be possible (I’m not sure why since I’d been experiencing lots of things that already fit that description).

In a series of steps I took over a short period of time in my effort to connect with writers, I realized I had a couple of pieces of documentation of an amazing phenomenon called synchronicity — connections that cause a psychological jolt because they are extremely unlikely and intensely personal.

Through 2015, I went through another huge upheaval in my life, making a major move, but in early 2016 another event occurred that I was able to document. Then, within a couple of weeks, another. A few more months occurred between the next ones, so I didn’t think about putting the collection together until November 2016 when I realized I had experienced two more events that actually revolved around the concept of synchronicity.

As I was working on Synchronicity, Documented, an event occurred that involved my favorite numbers 2, 3 and 6, but since there wasn’t much to it, I shared it when it happened and decided to include it here, as well.

Two notes about this event:

1) As I was talking to someone about the book, I realized that I mention my favorite numbers in the story called, The Unmistakable Red Rows, and people might think, “So what.” Here you can see that they showed up again.

2) A conversation that occurred on 7-7-17 enabled me to see that by including this story, people might think that all of the events that have occurred are as simple as this. They are not. In some of the events there are direct connections to who I am, the meaning of most of the events is clear to see, and the connections include The Police (the band that created the song Synchronicity), Carl Jung, Horus, zeitgeist, and the wind of change.

Seeing 6326 and 6327 within one minute.

I was driving to the University to see my youngest daughter, Amber, and realized I was seeing my favorite numbers a lot. So when I saw them on a house to my right, I thought, “Fine. I am going to try to get a shot of it, blurred or not.” I snapped a couple of shots, and traffic moved ahead to the next light. When we stopped, I looked at the car in front of me and realized it had the next sequence of numbers. I grabbed my phone and took the shot as quickly as I could. The time stamps show that they were taken within one minute of each other.

So, you might be thinking, “I have been able to document these events, but are they really that special?”

Yes. What I am experiencing is incredibly beautiful, and I believe that while they are deeply meaningful for me, there is also meaning for others and I am being given the stories to share for that purpose. I believe God communicates with us in ways that are unique to each of us, in ways that pull us out of the ordinary, in life altering events that compel us to share the stories with others no matter what anyone else thinks.

Synchronicity is just one of a number of kinds of events I’ve experienced. That’s why I am hoping to connect with you via e-mail. So you can see why I dismissed some things and how I started to recognize others. So you can see the path I took and how I began to be able to piece everything together. Perhaps it will help you begin to see how God is working in your life and in the lives of those around you, if you aren’t already.

I’ve got a lot of work to do on my memoir, so it’s going to take a while to finish it, but I believe it contains critical perspectives about life and God that need to be heard. Those of you who know me know that I don’t post a lot of content, so you don’t have to worry about getting tons of e-mails, but I hope you will be interested in hearing more about my journey after you read Synchronicity, Documented.

I will look forward to hearing your thoughts and finding out about your experiences, as well!

Synchronicity documented by Steve JohnsonOne more incredible fact about Synchronicity, Documented

At first, I was going to use the subtitle, “The First Documented Examples of This Elusive Phenomenon.”

But, as I was working on the cover, one thing after another kept causing delays, and I was getting really frustrated. I also kept wondering, “Am I really the first?” I had never seen anything from anyone else, so I figured I had to be. Still, there was a nagging concern.

Then one afternoon when I was visiting the Synchronicity Facebook page, I saw a post from Steve Johnson (at right), and it confirmed that I wasn’t the first person to document events that are defined as synchronicity even though the way Johnson is experiencing them is different than the way I am.

All of the delays enabled me to avoid making an incorrect claim.

As you can see from the screenshot at the lower right, I started calling my publication “FINAL” on March 14. Johnson’s post occurred on March 15, and Synchronicity, Documented went to the webmaster in early April.

Synchronicity, Documented is a free mini-book available via a pop-up window on the Home page.

Files showing shift to FINAL on March 14 2017 a day before Steve Johnson's post

After you submit your name and e-mail, a “Mailing List: Please Confirm Subscription” notification will arrive in your e-mail inbox. After you select  “Subscription confirmed,” a “Thank you for signing up!” e-mail will arrive with a link to the downloadable book.

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