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New Understanding

My path recently led me to watch the YouTube presentation of Rayya Elias and Elizabeth Gilbert: Sex, Drugs & Hair, All about Women 2015.

I heard Rayya say, “…when I first came around to it, I was like TRUTH!”

I believe I was in that same place when I posted this essay, but Rayya’s words helped me put something together that I hadn’t been able to do before. It allowed me to reach a new understanding, and that is:

No one can tell someone else’s story. If we fill in even the tiniest detail in our attempts to put together disparate information, when we think we know why someone did something, how someone felt, etc., we aren’t telling the truth because we don’t know. The only person who can tell their story is the person themselves.

Synchronicity, Documented

“It’s a miracle,” someone cries. But if people don’t see it themselves, they often question the nature of the event and decide that it was probably just a coincidence. “You won’t believe what happened,” someone else says. “Yeah,” people think. “Quite the stroke of luck.” Most people have learned to dismiss unexplainable events, thinking they’re… Continue Reading


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