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Spirituality — the most difficult subject ever?*

I never dreamed I’d be someone who wanted to talk about God & our spiritual pathsI never dreamed I’d be someone who would want to talk about God and my spiritual path, but that’s the main reason I’m writing a memoir. I’ve been on a spiritual path that’s been unlike anything anyone ever told me it could, should or would be.

As I started writing about it, I thought, “Who will ever listen to what I have to say? There are so many different ideas about spirituality already.”

It’s a difficult subject to talk about, so I thought, “What better way to start than by acknowledging that fact?” I don’t have any idea who will want to listen to what I have to share because I know lots of people already have their minds made up—some about what to believe and others about who to believe or, perhaps more importantly, who not to believe.

For those who have strong beliefs in their faith, I have to wonder what they will be looking for when it’s supposedly time for God or Jesus to return. Like, will they be so closed-minded that they will miss it because they’re expecting something different? And why don’t Christians talk about the fact that Jesus said the kingdom of God is already here? The idea of being open-minded and willing to listen to what another person has to share may seem unnecessary to many people because of their beliefs, but Jesus was a person, as were all of the other men that most believers follow. But, you say, they had amazing stories. Can you imagine Jesus and his disciples trying to share those stories on the internet today? And, no, I haven’t changed water into wine lately, but I don’t drink, which leads back to my point: spiritual stories are different for different people and they can be really difficult to talk about now because of what most people have been taught.

Of course, there are a lot of people who are curious and some who are confused and many who don’t believe in God. I’ve always been extremely curious and never expected to be on this side of things. I was confused about a lot of the information there was about God—it seemed contradictory and often didn’t make sense to me. And I considered the possibility, on many occasions, that perhaps God didn’t exist. Of course, I wanted to believe in God, I was raised that way, but I thought, “How could anyone ever really know for sure? Our lives might just simply end.”

I’ve been on a spiritual path that’s been unlike anything anyone ever told me it could, should or would be.One of the things that may seem surprising is that it actually took me quite a while to realize I was on a spiritual journey. So, I had lots of thoughts along the way, including some that came from the way I was raised. I also had a lot of questions that pushed me to want to understand my beliefs more clearly and some of that isn’t included in the book I’m working on, so I thought I’d write a few posts about it since I know there are at least a few people searching for understanding like I’ve been doing and continue to do.

I write from experience or from things I’ve learned along the way, which I process through my perspective, and it’s not a situation where I’m having tons of experiences and can write about them daily, so I will be sharing what I can when I can. A while ago I wondered if there would be some point when I’d reach the end of what I could learn about spirituality, but I picked up a book I started to read last summer and it had some material worth discussing, so I was happy I’d picked it up again and realized there is probably a lot more worth looking into. And, spirituality isn’t the only subject covered in my book or my only interest, so depending on how long it takes to find a publisher for my memoir, I may switch subjects once in a while as I work on ideas that seem to be sprouting up everywhere.

I hope what I have to share in the next few posts will be of value. I’m very aware that my content isn’t easy for people to comment on, but people are visiting the site, perhaps waiting to see what else I have to share and I’m guessing a number of them are now thinking exactly what I’m planning to address in my next post, which is:

Why do we automatically think anyone who talks about God is annoying or crazy? (And, when we’re in any kind of church, it’s a completely different story.)

*It actually depends on who you’re talking to, something I’ll talk about in a future post.

NOTE: If you’re reading this after reading A Feminist’s Spiritual Journey you can see I haven’t answered the question above yet, but hopefully you found it worthwhile and I will try to get to another post done soon that addresses the question.

Also, please check out the other posts about my spiritual journey and experiences.

It’s been a struggle to figure out how to tell my story. In 2012 an experience occurred that compelled me to try. In 1998 I had an experience that was profound, but I didn’t know what to do with it. In 2002, another. When I left my marriage in 2004, my life shifted dramatically, but I kept dismissing everything that was happening because that’s what I was taught to do, to not believe that what was happening to me was coming from God, until 2012, then an experience happened that I couldn’t ignore.

Since April 2014, a couple of remarkable experiences have occurred that are helping to show some of what I am experiencing. I believe what I have to share in my memoir will help shift how people see God and that shift will have an impact on unnecessary harm that’s being inflicted on many people around the world. I understand there many people who now follow spiritual concepts that revolve around how we think— and they involve ideas that we don’t need to think, we need to just be; that we can think our way to becoming rich; and that all anyone needs is love—and I will be sharing my thoughts about all of that soon.


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Spirituality — the most difficult subject ever?*


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