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Guest Post at Exciting New Magazine: AT DAILY

Guest Post at AT Daily MagazineI’m excited to share a link to my second guest post, Are These Earrings One of the Most Fashionable Statements a Woman Could Make? Technically.

For a long time I wondered if it would be possible to shift some of our conversations by simply changing how we treat fashion. One day, my daughters showed me a way to do it.

When I had kids, I found myself frustrated because I didn’t have a lot to talk about, but as my two daughters got older and began to pursue their interests, which included robotics, I began to see that they were making the most of the kinds of opportunities that have become available through the tireless efforts of so many feminists. An opportunity arose that made me wonder if a shift in how women treat fashion could create positive changes in what women talk about. The choices my daughters are making have definitely had a positive impact on my life. They’re giving me incredible stories that I believe are truly worth sharing.

ATDaily offers thoughtful commentary on things that matter to you with an emphasis on highlighting the achievements of women. I hope you’ll also check out some of the other posts at ATDaily while you’re there and share your thoughts.

The New Faces of Feminism

Yesterday I put up a post and deleted it a little while later. I feel like I am being pulled in two directions as I look at where feminism appears to be headed, understanding that the new “faces of feminism” might reach some young women, but I also found myself wondering if they’re going to… Continue Reading


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