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The New Faces of Feminism

Yesterday I put up a post and deleted it a little while later. I feel like I am being pulled in two directions as I look at where feminism appears to be headed, understanding that the new “faces of feminism” might reach some young women, but I also found myself wondering if they’re going to… Continue Reading

Seeking Kindness & Questioning Everything

Community. Intention. Generalizations. Assumptions. Communities usually come together with good intentions. We all get that. Communities are made of people who aren’t perfect. Duh. Communities are based primarily on survival and shared interests. Twenty-first-century survival means getting a job. Some people believe everyone has reached the point where there’s nothing stopping anyone from getting the… Continue Reading

Pro-lifers Are Feminists? I Don’t Think So…

The other day it felt like I had found the place where the two opposing sides of the world collide. From one side or the other, I was hearing the exact same words used for different situations and different people. And, sometimes, the same words had completely different meanings. “He was SUCH a nice guy!”… Continue Reading


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