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The Voice of God: Finally, a Way to End the “Crazy” Accusations

The Voice of God: Finally, a Way to End the “Crazy” Accusations

Book Review of When God Talks Back by T. M. Luhrmann

I wasn’t searching for this book. I had no idea that people in some religious communities believe they are talking to God on a regular basis. I was in the library searching for information about other kinds of belief systems with my daughter, Amber, when she noticed it sitting on the shelf above me.

When God Talks Back cover; subhead: Understanding the American Evangelical Relationship with GodOf course I had to get it. Amber and I have experienced a number of profound premonitions, which I have come to believe have to be the voice of God (or whatever term you want to use to identify the creator), so I wanted to find out what was happening in this community.

Most of us know, though, that when someone talks about this kind of thing, some people will accuse the person of being crazy and cause others to believe that their views are irrelevant. Luhrmann was obviously aware of this issue, and I appreciated the way she addressed it, so I focused this review on two chapters that clarify the difference between a person’s belief that they have experienced God and psychosis.

Of course, I hope that after you read the review, you’ll realize how important it is to read the entire book.

I have been posting some of my writing on Medium and was thrilled to have this review curated, so if you publish your writing on Medium, I hope you’ll check it out via my page, but if you don’t, you can read the review here.

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