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Overlooked, Forgotten, Defined by Men

We can’t lose sight of issues that women need resolved.

I think my thinking really began to change the day my oldest daughter was born, but I didn’t feel a need to explore what was happening at that point. I was simply blown away with how much she instantly mattered to me. I was presented with a different kind of awareness. It wasn’t an awareness or feeling that arrived and left in a matter of days or weeks, it became a journey.

Maybe that sounds stupid. Maybe you’re thinking, “Don’t we all already know what matters?”

That’s exactly what I thought at the time. I was on my way to do the best I could for my daughter, but then the world began to transform into opposite land. Of course, I did what anyone would do if they found themselves in a situation where they were saying, “Let’s do this. How about doing that?” and finding themselves continually confronted by someone else saying, “No. Not a good idea. We/you should do this, instead.” I decided I needed to figure out what the hell was happening.

Instead of simply ignoring what I felt and thought and giving in to what other people told me I “should” be doing, I did some things I’d never done before. I pushed back. I jumped up and down. I experimented with how loud my voice sounded as it echoed off opposite land’s walls. I started digging around. I found ways to travel back in time and to distant lands.

And what I began to find wasn’t pretty or cute or like one of those neat little sayings that would make me smile and then I would move on — I found story after story of women throughout history and they pushed me to begin to think differently. Words and ideas began flowing about women’s issues, including some that have been overlooked, forgotten or defined by men.

1) I began to look more closely at the places in life where values that have traditionally been associated with women have been bulldozed over,

2) I started rethinking values, language and activities that women have assumed are good because they have been generated by and for “traditional” men’s interests,

3) I managed to discover a nugget of wisdom here and there to share.

So, who are you? How did you find this site? Do you think feminism needs a jump start? If so, do you have ideas about how we can make the world a better place for women? And just who is behind the wheel, that is keeping women from achieving something that starts to approach equality?

None of my posts are dated material, so it doesn’t matter if you reply to this within a matter of a few days or sometime further down the road. I would love to hear from you.


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