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It’s a Man! Look, there’s a Church! It’s Patriarchy!

superman flying over “It’s Patriarchy!”So, did Hollywood think it needed to make atonement with all the right-wing nutjobs that are making accusations that “Hollywood is waging a war on Christianity?” Did they need to beg forgiveness and remind all of us “that are straying” that “man can only be saved by the Church?”

Why do we have to keep being subjected to these stories, over and over, where some “superman” creates the happily ever after?

I know I must sound heartless. To have watched poor Fontine get brutalized and have to give up so much. But that’s not the point.

Women have been being abused like this forever.

The point is that, once again, a man gets to swoop in and save the day.

And this time we’re told how he gets to become even more superhuman—he even gets to become “a father and a mother.” And, in doing so, he gets Fontine’s joy.

Oh sure, he was brutalized for stealing a loaf of bread. It’s a little far fetched. No, it’s really far fetched. And the punishment? It looks like Valjean and the other prisoners are put to daunting tasks, but after all the hauling Valjean had to do to pull in the boat, which I don’t quite remember in the original, he still has super-human strength to lift the flag pole and he gets to live. Again and again, he gets to dash away at the “last moment,” he gets to leap up onto the tops of tall buildings, he gets to survive the disgusting experiences…so he can save the day left and right, and left again.

The women in Les Miserables are pathetic

Fontine can’t even manage the misery of someone cutting her hair. Cosette and Marius fall in love at first sight. You don’t even need to know a guy. Éponine pines for a man she can never have—why? Why is this in any story in 2012? And why did they change the ending? It’s an insult to the author.

Of course, they are all patting themselves on the back with their Golden Globe win for “best musical or comedy film”— which kind of works, since so many people have been calling at least some of the singing a joke.

I had seen the 1935 film some years ago, before I’d transformed into a “super” woman capable of seeing the red flags of patriarchy, capable of hearing conflicting messages no matter how heart-wrenching they make the music, ever so vigilantly on the lookout for any woman who claims “all I can see is him and me, forever and ever…oh so cleverly titled, “On My Own.”

Young women, feminists, are supporting this movie. I tried posting a comment at www.fem2pt0.com and it disappeared. The author, Casey, was so thrilled that Anne Hathaway was seen sporting a shirt for an event called “One Billion Rising” where a bunch of women are going to get together and jump around on February 14th, “to dance, and to shake the world to end violence.” Sure. Seems more like just what men want to see women doing.

My goal is to be able to talk to young women like Casey. To suggest that she should not be idolizing Anne Hathaway. Sure, Anne can sing nicely enough, but she gets an easy life.

I don’t care if Anne Hathaway “acted” like a hurt woman.

I’d like to tell young women like Casey about my life…where it’s real. I’d like to ask Casey to promote stories where women aren’t destroyed by the shit they go through and ones where they aren’t fucking bimbos (Stay tuned—hopefully I’ll get my stories out soon!) and have it be clear why I don’t want to have to sit there anymore and watch men be the heroes. But I went and saw it, this time, so I could have this conversation, for whatever it’s worth.

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