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New Understanding

My path recently led me to watch the YouTube presentation of Rayya Elias and Elizabeth Gilbert: Sex, Drugs & Hair, All about Women 2015.

I heard Rayya say, “…when I first came around to it, I was like TRUTH!”

I believe I was in that same place when I posted this essay, but Rayya’s words helped me put something together that I hadn’t been able to do before. It allowed me to reach a new understanding, and that is:

No one can tell someone else’s story. If we fill in even the tiniest detail in our attempts to put together disparate information, when we think we know why someone did something, how someone felt, etc., we aren’t telling the truth because we don’t know. The only person who can tell their story is the person themselves.

Abuse and Hatred – An Unusual Path to a Deeper Understanding

Lundy Bancroft’s book, Why Does He Do That? Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men clearly explains abusive behavior and in the process of understanding how I dealt with it, I developed some important perspectives about hate. It seemed to call out to me from across the room. As I walked across the library lobby,… Continue Reading

How Much Are You Willing to Endure?

New perspectives inspired by Claude Steiner’s book, Scripts People Live I think most of us think we understand oppression. We know it includes a lot of heavy-handed brutality. We’re aware of the fact that a lot of media outlets and religious organizations oppress opposing viewpoints, and we also know that people from certain social groups are… Continue Reading

Misogyny – Book Review

The word misogyny is difficult to remember and hard to spell, and after reading Misogyny by Jack Holland and fortuitously finding the book, Feminism: The Ugly Truth by Mike Buchanan, I realized the word misogyny is no longer effective. I don’t remember when I first heard the word misogyny, but I didn’t think it concerned… Continue Reading

Too Good to Leave, Too Bad to Stay – Book Review

While I imagine most people who read Too Good to Leave, Too Bad to Stay are looking for help with their marriages, understanding concepts like “off-the-table-itis,” “your needs are making me sick,” and “you say ‘tomayto,’ I say ‘tomahto’” have also been helpful to me in other relationships. Almost every day I see posts about… Continue Reading

Books Everyone Should Read to Know Thyself & Others – Booklist

A list of the books that are being shared in the Facebook group, Books Everyone Should Read to Know Thyself & Others. For members: Since it can take a while to read a book, please feel free to repost the book when you have finished it so you can add your thoughts. Also, please make sure… Continue Reading

Books Everyone Should Read to Know Thyself & Others – Facebook Group

Some people don’t have any use for the ancient advice, “know thyself.” They see it as self-evident and wonder how anyone could not know who they are, but something about the phrase brought you here and I’m glad it did! It’s an idea that’s lingered around the peripheries of my life for a long time… Continue Reading


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