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Synchronicity, UMEs, and an Event that Involved Jung’s Scarab Beetle Story

I first realized that the term, synchronicity, described some of my experiences when I saw it on an online site about spirituality. For years I’d been searching for information to help me understand events I had been experiencing, and I realized a number of them fit that description.

On one of those sites, I connected with Mirror Living, but it wasn’t until last fall that we really started to talk about our views on Facebook after I finished my e-book, Critical Revelations in the Realm of Contemporary Spirituality.

Unique, meaningful events show us that God is active in the world and helps us become who we are meant to be.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, someone (I think it was Mirror) posted a link to information about Carl Jung and his Scarab Beetle experience, which I hadn’t heard.

I had read parts of Jung’s book, The Basic Writings of CG Jung, a year or two before but I didn’t read it completely because it didn’t answer the questions I had at the time. Then in 2014, I was led to some incredible information related to his ideas about our personalities and found answers to questions I had about some of the popular spiritual concepts that I share in my e-book Critical Revelations, but I didn’t know that Jung had experienced synchronicity and was actually the person who coined the term.

About a month ago after connecting on Facebook and reading Critical Revelations, Jesse T. began to join a number of our conversations, and while I have experienced many events in small groups I am still surprised to see that a couple of events have occurred between the three of us within the past few weeks.

The story below is the most recent event and I am astounded that it revolved around Jung’s Scarab Beetle story. (You can find the conversation on my Facebook profile on March 30, 2016.)

I had posted a quote from Critical Revelations that said:

“For most of my life I didn’t think anyone would ever be able to say they knew without any doubt that God existed. Then, I found myself in a place I never dreamed could be possible—I was trying to understand experiences that were so remarkable there couldn’t be any other explanation.”

A friend of Jesse’s named Doug made a comment which included, “Extraordinary claims require Extraordinary evidence.”

I replied, “I have collected extraordinary evidence over the past 15+ years. I am just getting started sharing it. I have example after example.”

Jesse commented next with some information about Carl Jung, including the fact that Jung thought ancient cultures had important answers (including the Egyptians, Mayans, etc.), and that Jung believed that science needed to examine this further.

I went to get a link to Jung’s Scarab Beetle story since I’d just heard about it and thought it was a great example of one of these extraordinary events. The first time I looked for it I read the Wikipedia version, but I decided to just click the first option (http://jungcurrents.com/synchronicity-the-golden-scarab-beetle).

I scrolled down the page and I was stunned by what I saw.

Under a subheading of “The Mythology of the Scarab Beetle,” it said:

“Khepera is a form of the sun-god Re. Khepera was specifically the god of the rising sun. He was self-produced and usually depicted as a human with a beetle on his head, or sometimes with the beetle as his head. His name comes from the Egyptian word, kheprer or “to become.”

In a couple of other recent conversations, I’d started talking about the relationship of the phenomenal events my daughters and I had been experiencing to the process of becoming:

Twitter (March 12): .@Dreamdancer1111 We are in the process of becoming. No one would take the steps needed to grow if our lives were perfect.

Disqus, “Now is Then” (Mar 26/27): I have been able to see that the events have simply been necessary for me to become who I am, who I love being, and for my daughters to become who they are becoming.

Jung’s scarab beetle is directly connected to a mythological story from ancient Egypt that is specifically about becoming, which Jesse just happened to mention in the conversation. And I’d recently started to talk about becoming because it is something that was becoming more and more evident in the events I’d been experiencing. (I stopped working on my memoir to write Critical Revelations because I felt like it was important to share that information first. My memoir includes stories about my life path and how the things that are happening relate to who my daughters and I have become/are becoming.)

The events that are happening in my life include

I was amazed to see that I chose a link that brought everything together. It was also amazing to see how quickly things progressed. I didn’t have to pick pieces out of a long conversation.

What I also realized is that while there was synchronicity in the act of choosing that post within about an hour of the time Jesse posted his information, my posts about becoming had occurred days or weeks before. So it wasn’t exactly like the event Jung experienced where the woman was telling him about her dream and the scarab beetle appeared.

Another unusual thing that has occurred a number of times is that I have been compelled to follow strong feelings. That is what happened with Critical Revelations. After a brief conversation one day, I felt like I needed to go straight to the library, but I didn’t find exactly what I was looking for, so I picked up a few books that looked interesting, and they led me to the information I share in Critical Revelations. So I have been describing some of the synchronous or interconnected phenomenon as unique, meaningful experiences or events. (I talk more about this in my blog post, “Our Favorite Things Are More Important Than Most People Realize.”)

As I thought about sharing this story, I felt like I needed an easier way to say that, and after a little while, I thought, okay, I’ll just use the acronym, UME. As I thought about it a little more, I realized I could pronounce it, You-Me, and I love the fact that the phonetic meaning ties in the idea that these experiences often involve a couple of people.

So while this event included synchronicity, it is actually more clearly defined as a UME.*

*I also like the phrase, “synchronous, interconnected phenomenon or event,” so a couple of other options are SIP or SIE, and I like the fact that phonetically the second one is “see,” so that is a possibility as well, but I think the most important aspects of what I am experiencing are how meaningful these events are and how unique they are to me and the people who are with me, so I still prefer UME.

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