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Sugar Blues – Book Review

Sugar Blues by William DuftyIt wasn’t just exhaustion. My body felt numb, like I was paralyzed, until I forced myself to get up. And there were headaches that wouldn’t go away, a constant dull ache. I asked my doctor about them, and she said that headaches were often a side-effect of birth control, so I just had to accept them.

To my surprise when I was talking to one of my sisters a short time later, she told me that she had been feeling terrible as well, so she decided to go to a naturopath because her insurance covered a visit and she found out about Sugar Blues.

Reading Sugar Blues was the first step in a long journey of making my way out of the mental and physical fog that I believe the powers-that-be want for the masses. From what I have seen, it’s beneficial in a number of ways to keep as many people as possible somewhat mentally handicapped, physically and intellectually.

I was raised on lots of packaged food, our community was regularly blasted with insecticides (I have to note that some people are saying it is the use of pesticides that is causing the microcephaly cases in South America not the Zika virus), and as I got older, I joined the party crowd, believing that the only way to have fun was with any one of an assortment of drugs. While I realized fairly quickly that drugs were really scary, finding a way to drink alcohol was like an accomplishment in my teens, and as I moved into my 20s, a necessity on Fridays and Saturdays.

Years later, as I struggled with the exhaustion and headaches a little voice inside me continually reminded me that I wanted to have kids. I also knew that I had to keep working, and that meant I had to be as strong as I could be, so I spent hours reading the packaging labels on food, and I gave up alcohol. I also stopped taking birth control because I didn’t know what that was doing to me. A couple of years later I welcomed my first daughter, Jade, then it was over five years before I was blessed with Amber.

I applied the things I learned as I raised my daughters. I wasn’t ridiculous about sugar. They enjoyed it on many occasions, but I tried not to overdo it. I also bought organic food as much as possible, and decided to live in the best place I could find (within what I thought was my budget) for their health.

I’ve been amazed at how smart my daughters have turned out to be, and for a while I wondered what my life would have been like if I had been raised differently, but I wouldn’t change anything now. I believe we go through the events in our lives for a reason, because they enable us to become who we need to be in the world.

I wouldn’t be sharing this, however, if I didn’t think it was important for people to stop ingesting all of the garbage, because every day I wonder what life would be like if everyone lived in a chemical-free environment, had good food, adequate exercise, and healthy, curious caregivers.

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