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Profound Expression of Love Received through the Symbol of the Red Rose and the Voice of Gomer

Single red rose from mailing labelOn Friday April 15 I shared a post about red roses on social media.

I had also started an online course offered by The Center for Jungian Studies called “The Seeker’s Guide to Wholeness” after a friend saw it and tagged me on Facebook to tell me about it.*

I saw the first two appearances of roses at work in a retail position I took so Amber and I could stay in the Pacific Northwest.

The first time was on a baby carriage. Some of the fabric was black and some areas were made of 3D red satin rosettes. I asked the woman who was pushing the carriage who made it and she told me I could find it on Etsy by googling “baby bling.” The second time was at the check out counter. I remember wishing I could take a picture of the Converse shoes, but I figured I could find them online to show my daughters because they love Converse.

It had been a long time since I’d had a Friday evening off, and I had made plans to meet a friend for a walk, then we also ended up getting a bite for dinner. On the way home I remembered that Jade sent a package to Amber that was supposed to arrive on Thursday but I had to work a late shift that day and had forgotten about it.

When I saw the P.O. Box key, I was really surprised to see the number.

I see my favorite numbers a lot (they are the month and day of my birthday) and I had planned to write a post about them a while back, and I wanted to show my daughters because the numbers show up at interesting times for them too, so I took a picture of the door with the package.

Post office Box 236 and package with red roses

When I got home, as Amber opened the box, I texted Jade to tell her how much Amber loved the gifts. As Amber and I were talking, I remembered the Converse. Then I remembered seeing the roses on the carriage as I looked at the rose covered package Jade sent.

I had seen red roses in three places that day.

I am not sure why I decided to share it on social media. It’s usually weeks before I get around to doing anything especially since I had other work to do.

I was taking an online course through The Centre of Applied Jungian Studies. I wanted to post some information for the second exercise before I had to go to work the next afternoon since everyone reviewed them over the weekend.

In regards to the content that follows: I e-mailed the woman managing the online course about being able to share some of my content. I assured her that I wouldn’t share information about the course, but given what happened, I wanted to at least be able to share some of my content.**

One of my answers to the questions of the exercise included the character, Gomer, from James A. Michener’s book, The Source. I read The Source when I was in my teens, but when I read it a second time a few years ago, I realized that it is the only time I’ve ever heard someone talk about God speaking through a woman’s voice.***

Working file with Gomer closed at 11:06

I closed my working file at 11:06 p.m. Amber and I talked for a little while, then I decided to get ready for bed. We usually take turns in the bathroom since we only have one, so after I was finished, I sat down again at my computer to do a final Facebook check while Amber was getting ready.

And when I opened Facebook, I found myself looking at Gomer.

Gomer singing The Impossible Dream

It was a video clip on a friend’s post of Gomer Pyle from the television show I watched when I was young. I didn’t remember what the video was about or if I had ever seen it, so I clicked on it and immediately started crying. Gomer was singing “The Impossible Dream.”

About year ago I wanted to share some of my feelings about “The Impossible Dream,” but I had only gotten so far as to create a graphic with a slightly altered message.

But I used it on August 27, 2015 in response to a post on Medium called “How Pursuing a Quest Can Bring Purpose to Your Life” by Susan Cain, and I’ve included a screenshot so you can see how I modified the message and what I said about it.

Quest post on Medium in response to Susan Cain

To my amazement, that wasn’t the end of the story.

Before I fell asleep, I remembered all of the red behind Gomer, and I realized the members of the orchestra were creating rows. Red rows.

Three red “rows”

Yet another type of “rows” had shown up in my life that day, a total of four events that included dozens and dozens of one of the most widely recognized symbols of love.

*A friend tagged me on Facebook on April 8 to tell me about the course, and I decided to take it because we had a conversation on March 31 that involved Jung’s Scarab Beetle story that revealed some incredible connections between the scarab beetle, Egyptian mythology, and a concept I have been sharing.

**I wish I could tell you about the focus of the Module 1 exercise because it adds another incredible level of meaning to this event, but the course content and the Facebook group associated with it are secret, so if you want to find out about the exercise you will have to take the course.

***I share information that is closely aligned with this, as well as how long ago I first read the book, The Source, in my blog post on March 3, 2014, “A Feminist’s Spiritual Journey—An Unexpected, Important Story.” I’ve referred to The Source in many places in my writing, even including it in my reply to the Facebook tag about The Seeker’s Guide course, because as I recall we were talking about “the source” in another conversation, but I don’t remember where that was at this time.


NOTE: I experienced an event that revolved around Barbara Ehrenreich’s book, Living with a Wild God, that gave me my first opportunity to document one piece of it, which I share in my post, “Lone Pine: Two Feminists’ Take On Spiritual Experiences.” Then on March 23 and March 31, I experienced a couple of synchronous events in likes/comments on Facebook (one of which indirectly led me to this course) and I am amazed to see that I have now experienced a number of events that I have been able to document. I haven’t heard of anyone else who has been able to document experiences outside of the typically small groups of people who are involved, but I would love to know if you know of anyone who is.


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