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Fear of Trying, Again, with Men

The other day I realized just how big the chasm is between: 1) Women who are in relationships they think are going to last “forever,” and 2) Women who are facing the reality that those don’t exist for everyone. (Decided I needed to pull content because there was too much personal info. Going to rework.) Continue Reading

“Zlogging” What Matters

My site is not intended to be a place where you’ll breeze through in a minute or two. I tried to come up with another word that would express “slow” blogging, but the first ones I thought of were awful: slog, clog, flog. So I went through the alphabet: alog, dlog, elog, glog (I kind… Continue Reading

Overlooked, Forgotten, Defined by Men

I think my thinking really began to change the day my oldest daughter was born, but I didn’t feel a need to explore what was happening at that point. I was simply blown away with how much she instantly mattered to me. I was presented with a different kind of awareness. It wasn’t an awareness… Continue Reading


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